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Environmentally friendly

If you're looking for an eco-friendly car, you'll definitely want to take a closer look at Electric Vehicles Unlimited (EVU).
Our vehicles don't consume gas, don't produce harmful emissions, and are great for the environment.

It's Electric!
EVU has emission free eco-friendly vehicles offering first class transportation for courtesy or special occasion use.  The perfect combination of quiet,  comfort and  continuous power to get you to the destination.

Our advantages begin with excellent deep-cycle batteries and high-efficiency control system that make our vehicles safer, more reliable, with longer mileage capabilities.

Our designs are spacious, comfortable and lightweight with amenities that make your commute a little brighter!

Light Industrial Truck

Customized electric truck for light to medium industrial use and yes, It's Electric! Zero emissions

These electric trucks move quietly about your property or factory and they are great for:
• Grounds maintenance and landscaping
• Package delivery
• Furniture transport
• Housekeeping

An enclosed crew cab with a cargo box that also folds to be a flatbed for full cargo utilization.
An e

Shuttle  |  8, 11 or 14 Passenger

Electric shuttle for sightseeing and transporting
It's Electric! Zero emissions
• Safe design that combines comfort, quiet, environment friendly, and spacious design with power and reliability
• Clean, sleek lines raise the bar and multiple configurations are available; 8, 11 or 14 seats

These shuttles are constructed with commercial style frames. This provides for added strength and durability for transporting larger numbers of passengers.

The clean, sleek lines and safety features raise the bar on people movers in the industry.

Equipped with smart charging system, electric power steering system, front disc brakes, battery watering system and more.

Passenger Cars

Passenger Car | 2-seat & 4-seat
Passenger cars are available in 2 or 4 passenger configurations and yes,It's Electric! Zero emissions

These vehicles are steel bodied and equipped with commercial style frames including side impact protection. All of our vehicles also conform to all DOT and NHTSA safety standards for a NEV, making them street legal to drive anywhere with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less.

Heaters, defrosters, stereos and many other comfort and safety features are standard equipment. Air conditioning is available as an option on all models.

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